Amazon Prime is a service for which users have to pay as per their subscription plan such as monthly or yearly and in return given many benefits. It is an American based video-on-demand service provided by Amazon and provides the largest distributor of films, web series, dramas etc in the world. Amazon Prime through is accessible to owners of streaming platforms and devices. Stream unlimited movies and TV episodes on amazon prime video app. You can enjoy Amazon prime video also on Fire TV, smart TV, streaming media player, game console, mobile phone or tablet.

Steps to Find and Activate the Activation Code using

To get started with prime videos, you need to find the Amazon MytvActivation Code and then enter the code to activate it. Well, make it easy with the following step by step instructions:

1. Once your application is installed in your device, locate the application in the Home Page.
2. To locate the downloaded application you can also go to the list of Installed applications
3. After that click on the application to open it.
4. Now you will find the Sign in button on the screen, click on that
5. Here enter the username and password
6. Click on the Login button
7. At the new screen, an Amazon Mytv activation code will display on the screen
8. Make a note of the activation code to keep it safe and use later
9. Get another device and on the web browser visit
10. Again enter the username and password to log in 11. After login, you will see a new page will open with the blank space to enter the activation code
12. Fill the code and click on the “Continue” button. 

By following these steps you will successfully activate Prime Video on any device as long as it is eligible for Prime Video.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video?

You need to subscribe to Amazon Prime video to watch unlimited movies and shows. To subscribe to Prime Video you need follow these given below steps:

1. login to your Prime video account at
2. Click on the “Join Prime” button available on the screen.
3. Select the subscription plan as per your need.
4. Choose the payment method as per your convenience.
5. Make payment and you are now subscribed to Amazon Prime Video.